How to install & Upgrade Zebra Label printer driver on Mac OXS

1.   Plug in the Zebra printer (Power and USB)
2.   Turn the printer on (power switch on right side)
3.   Go to Mac System Preferences (Apple>System Preferences) and you should see the following
Mac System Preferences
4.   Click “Print & Fax” and you should see the following

Print & fax Zebra Printer

5.   Click the “+” button and you should see the following

Add a USB Zebra Printer

6.   Highlight the Zebra Printer and you should do the following

Add a Zebra Printer USB

7.   Choose “Select Printer Software” next to “Print Using” and you should see the following

Printer Zebra Software

8.   Type “zebra” in the search in the top right then select the line that says “Zebra EPL2 Label Printer” then click OK and you should see the following

print & fax Zebra Printer

You are now finished installing the Zebra Printer

NOTE: Zebra Printing is only supported on Mac OSX 10.5 and greater

Custom Fields

Applies to: All POSIM eVo versions on Mac

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How to Fix Dell Printer Error 016-302

Your Dell printer is showing error code 016-302 and preventing you printing.
This error code appears to be valid on the whole range of Dell colour laser printers. Specifically, we’ve seen it occur on the 2150cn, 3100cn, 3115cn and 5110cn.

The Solution

Dell cites error code 016-302 as being down to either a corrupt print job or corrupt driver and says that it’s unlikely hardware failure is the cause. They recommend attempting the following steps:

Ensure the printer will power on without the error

  • Turn off the printer
  • Disconnect any USB or network cables.
  • Power the printer on
  • The printer should go into the ready state and display a message like “ready to print”.

Clear the print queue

As previously mentioned, a corrupt print job could be the culprit. Remove any pending documents from the print queue of any device that uses the printer. Restart the dell printer and try again.

Reinstall the print driver

If the issue persists despite the above troubleshooting, you may need to reinstall the driver. Consult the Dell website for the correct driver for your printer model and follow their steps on how to reinstall.

More information & help to Dial Dell Printer Customer Support Phone Number 1-888-989-8478 & visit our website.

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How to install and Configure a Printer in Windows 10

Plug and play for external devices (especially printers) in Windows 10 could not be any easier. If you have an older printer, but you are experiencing problems installing the drivers from the installation disc, bundled with the printer, you probably need a newer driver. My brother recently installed Windows 10, but noticed his printer was not working, so he tried to use the reinstall disc, that did not work either. We checked HP’s website that did not have a native driver for download. Instead, the website directed us to use Windows Update. Fortunately, I didn’t know how easy it would be. Let me show you how.

Install a printer in Windows 10

For my purpose, I’m using a USB connected printer. I would first ensure your computer is connected to the Internet. I was able to do this successfully on a metered connection. Turn on the printer, and then connect it to your computer. Click Start then type Devices then hit Enter on your keyboard.

Immediately, you should see your printer detected while the printer latest driver is installed from Windows Update.

Troubleshoot Printer Driver in Windows 10

If you are on a metered connection, scroll down then toggle on the option to download drivers over a metered connection.

Troubleshoot Printer Driver in Windows 10

Troubleshoot Printer Driver in Windows 10

If you experience problems with the installation or failure of a printer, click Start type: Devices and Printers then hit Enter. Right-click the Printer and select Troubleshoot. In my case, because I initially had my Internet Connection set to metered, the printer driver was partially installed.
Troubleshooting problem

Then when the wizard comes up click Apply this fix.
Printer install

Then wait while Windows resolves the issue.

Printer install problem resolve

Then click Apply this fix again.
Printer-install apply to fix

Then you’ll need to restart your PC to complete the changes to fix the problem.

restart your PC

When you come back from the restart, log in, and your printer should be up and running.

Troubleshoot driver & printer
Now that you have your printer set up and ready be sure to check out our article for more about managing default printers in Windows 10. The new universal apps in Windows 10 feature improved printing capabilities, too. For more, check out our article tips and tricks about how to print your photos and documents easily. More information to dial Printer customer support phone number 1-888-989-8478 with toll free& visit our website:

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How to solve Zebra thermal label printer issues in ten seconds


Zebra label printers are great for the small business. However, if they’re used in areas where users like to fiddle with settings and push big shiny buttons, you can find yourself run ragged trying to continuously reset them to factory defaults or your preferred business settings.

Fortunately, looking through the manual usually gives a number of reset functions, and it’s possible to combine these into a very fast “shotgun” approach which solves 99% of configuration problems in seconds.

As an example, here’s how to do it for the Zebra “LP” 2844.

Steps (4 total)

Step 1: Power Reset

Switch the printer off using the switch at the back near the power socket. Give it two seconds, then switch it back on.

Zebra thermal label printer issues

Step 2: Reset to Factory Defaults

Hold down the single round button on the front panel. The indicator light will start a flash sequence: 1, 1-2, 1-2-3, and so on. When it flashes four times, release it. This resets the printer to factory defaults.

Step 3: Label width Calibration

Hold down the button until the light flashes five times, then release it. This will make the printer enter label width calibration. It will print a series of widths, getting wider each time, on a label. When the printed width matches the label width (or your preferred setting), tap the button once to lock it in.

Step 4: All other Calibrations

Hold down the button until it flashes twice, then release it. This will run an automatic set of calibrations.


That’s it. The printer is ready to go! In future any problem to dial zebra printer customer support phone number 1-888-989-8478 with toll free. Zebra printer technical support team ready to fix all printer related issue 24*7 hours support.

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How to Improve the Print Quality of an HP Inkjet Printer

A wide variety of factors can negatively impact the printing quality of an inkjet printer. Issues with hardware and software malfunctions are common, as are problems with faulty or damaged ink cartridges. Incorrect print speed, color saturation and resolution settings are also common sources of problems related to the print quality of inkjet printers. This article provides information on how to improve the print quality of an inkjet printer.

HP Inkjet Printer

Method 1: Adjust the Printer Settings to Improve Print Quality

1. Set the print speed setting on the printer to the highest quality setting available. Average print speed settings will range from 5 to 20 pages-per-minute (ppm). The optimum quality speed setting is typically among the speed setting options in the speed adjustment control menu on the printer.

  • Increase the print speed to reduce color saturation when images and graphics bleed and warp from over saturation. Decrease the print speed to raise the color saturation when colors seem washed out or faded.
  1. Use the highest possible resolution settings on both the printer and the application being used. These settings can usually be adjusted from the “Print” menu or on the printer’s control panel.
  • Choose the highest dots-per-inch (dpi) setting. Depending on the device specifications, the dpi settings will range from 72 to 2400 dpi. The dpi setting will have a dramatic effect on the resolution quality of an inkjet printer.

Method:2 Adhere to General Best Practices to Improve Print Quality

  1. Use the highest resolution graphic files possible to improve the image quality of photos or graphics printed from a inkjet printer. The higher the resolution or “dots-per-inch” (dpi) of the original file, the better the quality of the final product.
  2. Turn off the printer when the device is not in use. Leaving the printer on will leave the heads unprotected from dust and debris, which can significantly reduce print quality.
  3. Avoid using paper products other than those recommended by the manufacturer. Inkjet printers are calibrated to work with certain types of paper. Using the wrong paper can result in issues related to color saturation. Use manufacturer recommended paper specifications to achieve the best results.
  4. Reserve high-quality photo ink cartridges for printing images and graphics, and use standard ink cartridges for regular documents. Clogged or blocked nozzles on the print heads is a common source of issues related to print quality.
  5. Protect ink cartridges from dust or damage by storing them in a clean, secure location.
  6. Follow the Printer’s Recommended Maintenance Schedule to Improve Print Quality
  7. Perform the recommended maintenance on an inkjet printer, as directed by the manufacturer. Blocked nozzles and clogged printer heads are a common source of problems with Inkjet printers, and can significantly compromise print quality.
  8. Perform a head cleaning regularly. All inkjet printers have an automatic head-cleaning feature, which typically is accessed from the printer’s control panel.
  9. Perform a printer cartridge or head alignment. This feature is also automated on most inkjet printers, and usually can be accessed from the printer’s control panel.
  10. Refer to the printer’s user manual or contact customer support for additional instructions on properly scheduled maintenance. Other scheduled maintenance tasks will vary by device.

Method3: Perform Software and Hardware Upgrades to Improve Printer Quality

  1. Confirm that the printer has the latest firmware and driver updates available. Outdated or incorrectly installed printer drivers can reduce the print quality of an inkjet printer.

(i) Visit the manufacturer’s website for information on downloading and installing the latest firmware and driver updates available for the device.

2. Consider a memory upgrade for the device. A printer’s RAM has an impact on the print quality of an inkjet printer. Many inkjet printers are manufactured with on-board memory, which can be expanded.

3. Consult the user manual or contact customer support to determine if the inkjet printer’s memory capacity can be increased to further improve the quality of an inkjet printer.

More information & help to dial Hp Printer Technical Support Phone Number 1-888-989-8478 and visit our website:

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How to Fix 5 Common Printer Problems

If you are so tired of paper sticks and ink smears that you are going to purchase another printer. Hold up! Now and again switching things up a bit or performing somewhat routine upkeep can go far toward turning away these issues and saving your hard earned money. Below are given step by step to fix common printer issues in a significant manner without hampering your productivity.

First of all, you need to check for the right paper size and type in your printer manual and ensure you haven’t packed your paper feeder to stay away from paper sticks and might even stop a smudgy or uneven print issue. A few sorts of printers can struggle to print on extraordinary paper, for example, glossy sheets. Utilizing a slightly smaller stack of clean, lightweight, 8 inch (20.3 cm) by 10 inch (25.4 cm) printer/copier paper will probably keep away from the messy headache of jams.

Solve 5 common Printer Problems

Re-installing or upgrading your driver might resolve your printing issues, for example, strange characters and unreadable text. Go to the official site of your printer (which you can find in your printer manual) and select the actual printer model and PC operating system. You need to follow on-screen installation to complete the setup. Bookmark and check the site routinely to ensure you don’t miss an essential driver upgrade later on!

Clean your printer heads to maintain a strategic distance from hazy content and pictures. You can get to most printer upkeep alternatives by picking print from any window and tapping on the properties menu situated by the name of the suitable printer. You need to choose the maintenance tab and find the alternative to check spouts. In the event that the lines that print are obscured or broken, select the print head cleaner symbol to clean away dried ink, soil, and tidy. Test and clean print head frequently to avoid build-up.

Replace your cartridge to fix low ink level warning messages. Once you are done with replacing cartridge then you get rid of missing text and images. Every printer requires a particular toner cartridge type, so please the direction in your printer manual to legitimately replace or change your specific cartridge. Additionally, these derections can regularly be found by opening up the printer cover; on or in the cartridge or toner bundle; or onscreen when you PC alerts you to low ink levels. Keep in mind that occasional printer use can likewise make pages print mistakenly dried up ink or cartridges that have “settled”.

Having depleted these choices, it might be an ideal opportunity to: bring in a repair individual in the event that it’s a top of the line printer; contact the printer maker if the printer is still under guarantee; or consider supplanting the old printer with another one. More information to visit our website & call our Printer Customer Support Phone Number @ 1-888-989-8478.

How Printer Customer Support USA Can Help You Remotely?

  • Getting support online is an innovative way of getting prompt, cost-efficient and on-demand support for any kind of brand name printers. In today’s high-tech world, most of the tech support companies are offering technical help remotely through a remote connection enabled via the internet.Online printer customer support number has occupied a special place in the life of those who are related to the computers. Today technical support service assists you in providing high quality, reliable and instant tech support services to fix any kind of technical issues. Whether it’s a laptop, PCs, printers or any kind of peripherals they can fix easily and instantly without hampering your important work. That’s the true flavor of getting connected with remote printer customer support USA for any kind of technical support.
    Modern online tech support offers numerous benefits with the following advantages:

    On demand support service
    Instant response to your query.
    Quick turnaround time (TAT)
    High ROI and cost efficient
    24x7x365 service
    Accurate solution by certified technicians.

    The best thing about remote support is its on-demand support that can be availed by the customers 24/7 without waiting for a long time. The latest evolution in the technology and fast internet connections have made it highly cost efficient, feasible, and user-friendly. You can simply reach to the technician with a phone call and they can resolve the issue by taking your computer or laptop on the remote access.

    The customer feels good and enjoys high satisfaction as he can see his computer, laptop, printers or any kind of peripherals to be repaired right before his eyes and remains in the physical possession of his system. Through the mid of the session, you can interact with the technician and put up any of your concern or queries regarding your PC, laptop or printers issues or problems.
    Apart from above mentioned support online tech support provide support for the following:

    Printer support
    Virus removal
    Digital camera support
    Software support
    Computer support
    Wireless support

    This service is not just limited to your PC or laptops rather you get a inclusive support program for numerous others like tablets, iPhones, iPads, any kind of printers and many more.

Zebra Technologies Launches Thermal Color printing with the new IQ Color labels

Zebra Technologies, a leader in the market of printing solutions demand and automatic identification solutions, announces the release and immediate availability of its IQ Color Thermal labels, enabling color printing on all printers existing thermal Zebra.

Thanks to the direct thermal technology patented by Zebra IQ Color, users can print labels in customized color. Users can customize their labels by choosing the size, shape and up to three colors (eight colors). During label manufacture, Zebra applies color developers on selected areas. The color regions are not apparent on the label; they will be enabled only when printing to make them visible colors to highlight key information according to user needs. Each label can be customized as well when printing with images, text, shapes or color graphics.

“Technology IQ Color reflects the constant efforts of Zebra to provide customers with innovative products that streamline their operations and reduce errors and costs,” says Thierry Vasseur, Regional General Sales Manager. “By eliminating the need for per-printed color labels, which require the change of rolls or printer, customers can reduce inventory and improve productivity.”

Zebra Printer Thermal Printing

Zebra Printer Thermal Printing

Enhancing the range of Zebra products, IQ Color supplies are compatible with all existing Zebra thermal printers and can be used and benefit a number of industries including:

  1. Healthcare: IQ Color labels can be used for laboratory or pharmacy to identify and prioritize orders.
  2. Transport and logistics: The color labels highlight the instructions orders to reduce shipping errors and storage. IQ Color labels also allow the management of stock Real-time management to ensure FIFO (First in First Out) and to easily identify incorrectly positioned items.
  3. Manufacturing: Crucial for the identification of products at inspection and assembly phase, IQ Color labels can reduce the cost of using additional labels and ensure quality control.
  4. Retail & Distribution shelf labels using value promotions or product characteristics.

About Zebra Technologies

Zebra Technologies Corporation provides the broadest range of innovative printing solutions designed to improve business and client security applications process – identification, trace ability and deployment of resources – in more than 100 countries around the world.

Zebra’s core: customized printing solutions, reliable and secure. Many solutions are at the service of Zebra customers, bar code printers, RFID labels, receipts, tickets and plastic cards. Zebra also offers its customers wireless mobile printers, the Zebra Designer software, e Zebra Link supervision software and a wide range of consumables Genuine Zebra and after-sales service Zebra Care.

Allowing to significantly improving the supply, visibility and security, Zebra offers its customers to optimize their strengths, seize new opportunities and technological challenges. 90% of the 500 companies ranked by Fortune magazine rely on Zebra. If you are using Zebra printer at your home or office and facing any issue with thermal color printing then you can call 24×7 our Zebra printer technical support phone number +1-888-989-8478.

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